Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Snow

Well the City of Denver looks like its going to be in a world of pain once again as another god dam snow storm is on the way. Despite what they would have you believe the worst storm in Denver happened in 1913, and apparently the town just keep working....except for this car. The driver of this car is the great great ancestor of those rare Coloradoans that think they can drive in any whether, but then when they get out they smash into the little old lady in her Cadillac who cant drive in the snow but needed cat food for Mr.Jinggels.

My favorite thing to do when it snows is sit around and listen to Stand up comedy. Recently I discovered A guy named Demetri Martin who has to be one of the best young voices I have heard in a long time.

If that name sounds familiar its because he is currently working at The Daily Show as the "Trend Spotter." He has done a few things for comedy Central and is a past writer for the Connan O'Brien show. His act includes Traditional stand up, music numbers and props, this plus his very dry whit make him the heir apparent to the late Mitch Headberg. These samples come off his album, "These are Jokes" and I think they show off his talents quite well.

some jokes.mp3

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if you need more to do, my friend Luke is talking about awesome things including a recent show in Denver and runs a way better blog then this one. Head over and make friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what's all this noise of a snow storm?" says the driver of said car. "I can drive anywhere I damn well please! Fuck the snow!"

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

see front

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