Friday, October 12, 2007

week nd ^ D8

Bonfire tonight for all interested.

If you can't make that head down to Jackson field and watch the soccer game. Ill be announcing and it should be a great time.

In more national news, Radioheads album dropped. I would write about it/give you a song, but im sure you know what the whole deal is. So far i like it.

Also, the Colorado "rookies" as i called them in years past have some how managed to get within 3 wins of the world series.

Wtf is right!

Ill keep you posted with my opinions of this very solid defensive club.

Lastly former VP Al Gore won the Peace Prize and still dosen't look like he will run. To bad about that but still a hearty congrats from us here at KSNO.

Stick around for a real post after the craziness of midterms.


Blogger Julio Enriquez said...

it's a damn shame that man won't conisder running for president....

8:11 AM  

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