Thursday, January 11, 2007

Immigrant Punk

"You got a dictionary kicking around? Look up the Immigrant Immigrant Immigrant punk."
~Gogol bordello

I was first introduced to Gogol through the Warped Tour Compilation and their single "Start wearing Purple" which caught my attention almost instantly.

I can only describe them as the Clash meets the Eastern Block and Joe Strummer walks out with a black eye. Most people are drawn to the band because of the rapid fire delivery and steady rhythms. Its old school punk with instruments that may raise a few eyebrows.

What has really put Gogol on the map of late is their famous live shows which are said to strike fear into any man's heart. They have been on tour with everyone from Bedouin Sound Clash to Valient Thorr and seem to generate excitement where ever they go, they were even featured on last years Reading Festival. Listen to these and tell me what Immigrant punk is...

Not a Crime.mp3 (the second single)

Underdog World Strike.mp3

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