Monday, October 15, 2007

All you need is love

Ok, do your self a favor. Stop reading my blog, get a newspaper, locate the nearest theater and go see "Across the Universe."

This was a pretty fantastic film and the more I think about it the more things I find to love about it. While the soundtrack will most assuredly get all the attention there is far more to this film then a simple "its a musical with Beatles songs" description can do for it.

First of all this is a fans movie. There are many small references to the Beatles career through out the film, some of which are merly in passing and others are key points of the film. If you are not a pretty in depth fan you may miss some of these but I suppose that is part of the fun.

The other thing that really struck me about this film was the excellent script. It takes a lot of talent to write a fully multi character story around 20 or so Beatles songs. Think about that....these songs were written over about a 10 year period and go from poppy love songs ("I want to hold your hand") to rocking anthems ("Revolution") and cover just about every hit they ever did in between. Just considering the diversity of the tracks it is quite a feat, but when you think about the afore mentioned details and references thrown in for good measure the script becomes all the more lovable.

The acting was fine and hearing the songs sung by other voices was a little disconcerting at first but I still found my self singing along. If you count your self as any sort of fan I highly recommend you head out and see this bad boy.

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