Friday, January 12, 2007

iForward Russia!

iForward Russia! is what happens when the Strokes met UnderOath. Im still not sure that's the best way to describe them, but it seems to work.

Couple things: Yes, there name is supposed to have those "I!" infront and back. No they are not from Russia, and Yes they have a pretty sick girl drummer, thats pretty easy on the eyes.

iForward Russia! is part of a movement in England known as "New York Shit." Bands under this heading include but are not limited to: The Arctic Monkeys, The Horrors, and Lilly Allen. These bands draw heavily from Indy bands in New York like Interpol, The Strokes and The Hives and the garage rock movement in America on the whole. Their sound is the New York sound Choped and screwed.

Right now Forward Russia is on an American tour but to very select towns not including Colorado (your shocked im sure). If they are comming to your town you should go, because like the Horrors, their live sets are the best part .



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