Sunday, October 28, 2007


"Nuff Ced" McGreevy shouted,"We're not here to mess aroundBoston, you know we love you madlyHear the crowd roar to your soundDon't blame us if we ever doubt youYou know we couldn't live without youTessie, you are the only, only, only"

Well that was short lived and highly anti climactic. Sure is going to suck having to pay extra to see the Rockies mediocer team next year. I was willing to jump the the band wagon as my Giants had long been out of it, but honestly what were they expecting? This is the same team that went on streaks like this all year and then plummeted right after, it just happens that this time they got hot as the playoffs came around and plummeted right as the veteran sox came into town. This series is going to go down as "The Beat Down in Bean Town."

Anyways, Thrice and Brand New killed. Post on that Tomorrow.


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