Friday, December 07, 2007

David Bazan at the Hi-Dive 15/5/07

As you may have heard from many many blogs better then mine, former Pedro the Lion front man David Bazan is on tour across America with J. Tillman and they managed to stop by every ones favorite dive for a show.

I don't want to waste peoples time with repeating what other blogs have said before me, so I will keep this short and point you to those two blogs for songs and added info.

J.Tillman was a great surprise for me. He had a very bluesy sounds and was one of the more entering stage presences i have seen in quite some time. Playing for just under an hour he sang some really moving stuff and while it got a bit repetitive i thought he had strong showing in front of a pretty disinterested crowd. File him under:Singer/song writer, Elliott Smith, Blues and great stage banter.

The Denver show for Bazan was an hour long and it featured essentially the same play list that has been floating around the Internet since the start of this tour. The majority of the songs with Bazan's own works but he still fit in some great Pedro stuff which was very cool for me. He was a very interesting performer, and when he spoke between songs I could tell that he was very smart and at the same time very uncomfortable. For my money, there are very few artist that mean every word they sing and have a personal connection to every line, and David is one of them.

Bazan mentioned to me that he enjoyed touring with Ben Gibbard and would probably record again with him some time soon. He also said that he would be back through here in the summer time hopefully with a full band, most likely called David Bazan's Black Cloud. Ill keep a look out.

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