Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brand New- "fork and Knife"

Brand new let this B side out recently and i have waited to post it because they decided to sell this one and i hate to cut in on their money flow.

Basically nine songs/demos leaked well before "Devil and God"was planned to drop. Jesse was apparently furious about this and instead of releasing the album, scraped most of the songs or re did them completely (see Luca reprise). Uber cool kids like my self have held on to these demos and prayed they would revisit them.

Recently our prayers were answered with "Fork and Knife". This song has a haunting drum beat with catchy lyrics and I am thrilled it finally made its way out into the light. Though it has some great lyrics im not really sure how this would have fit with DaG any ways. Ill take it as a B side, and Hope he gives the others the same treatment.

Untitled demo 08.mp3- Came to be "Sowing Season (Yeah)



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