Friday, April 18, 2008

Thrice-Vol 3 & 4 of the Alchemy Index

Thrice is the Fugazi of our generation.

A band that is so distinct and so different from the rest of the music world that there is little one can do to describe them with out saying, "here...just listen."

Stepping further away from the main stream, Thrice released four separate EPs each dealing with a different element, and each trying to capture a specific feeling. The second release deals with Earth and Air.

Earth is my favorite of the two, but it is a far cry from the post hard core album Artist in the Ambulance, which catapulted Thrice into the public eye. On this Ep only one track (Come all you Weary) features a full drum kit. The rest of the EP is composed of rickety acoustic instruments. There is a folky feel to the album, but Teppei's always interesting guitar work keep it layered and complex. The lyrics on Earth definitely evoke comparisons to the solo work that Kensrue recently put out, but when the band comes in on the songs, you know its a Thrice production, with all the odd beats and delightful structuring that comes with it.

Air on the other hand is almost another take at Vheissu in some ways. The band comes together to form some very delicate and complex hooks, while still focusing on Kensrue's always interesting lyrics. Of all the EPs this one reaches its theme best, as most of the songs have a nice light feel. The first three tracks really impressed me, but the rest of the EP was a little sparse. I think that of all four EPs this one will appeal most to the more recent fans, especially those who loved "Red Sky" and "Of Dust and Nations."

Moral of the story is go buy this one if you are any kind of fan.



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