Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Game and Travis Barker

My top 3 Blink-182 members are in this order: 1. Travis 2.Tom 3. Mark.

Growing up in Northern California in the 90's you were nobody if you didn't listen to Green day, Blink-182 or Tiger army. Those bands left a lasting impression on my music tastes that lingers still.

When I saw that Travis had hooked up with The Game (AKA the guy who did "200 bars" and slammed 50cent) I had a feeling it was going to be sick. What is even sicker about theses tracks is the fact that Travis did it with one arm, because he was still healing from the break he got while filming the (+44) album. Take a peek and if u like u can buy the full set on I-tunes.


One Blood.Mp3

Don't forget to watch The Colbert Report tonight, because Bill O'Rilley will be on and im sure its going to be great TV. Also check out these sick shirts and this video to remind you what they are


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