Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whachu want?

So yeah...ill post later tonight i think...

For now here is a picture of my girl for no other reason then i like to look at her...

Have some news about a band that is all over the net, and learn something about our war. Then weigh in on one of my favorite shows all time. If all else fails go get your voyeurism on.

Have some songs while you wait...

Eight Fingers down-Far Between Nowhere.mp3. These guys were playing some sick shows on warped tour and NOFX has taken them under their wing. If you need some new punk rock i would take a peak.

Zach De La Rocha old solo-Burn Hollywood Burn.mp3. I think this will be a teaser for my next post which will be all rage and post rage works.

Stay tuned


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