Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miss Violetta Beauregarde

Today we will play a game called, "I found this at the Radio Station and you probably will be very confused when u listen."

Doesn't sound fun?

Well i dont care.

Moving right along, this beautiful lass to my left is miss Violetta Beauregarde and she makes sounds that is little heard anywhere much less in the main stream music world. She is most notable for her live shows (where lambs heads have been thrown into the audience) and her photo shoot for suicide girls hot pics NSFW (she was the first Italian model to do so).

Her music is unlike anything i have ever heard or will ever hear, and it arrived in the radio station mail box a few weeks ago. I was drawn in by the song titles including "Adolf Hitlers Emotional Side" and "I'm wolverine and you're walrus and I'm kicking your ass" which are insightful and creative. The music is alternating languages and could be called Techno-screemo-art house.

Hittler's Emotional Side.mp3

I cant believe Hedgehogs have a bone in their Cock.mp3

Im the Tiennamen Square Guy and you all are the Fucking Tanks.mp3

buy here album here or just look to see the very cool artwork i now have hanging in my room.


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