Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Pic and story From the Denver post go there for the full story. I thought the weather was a bit odd this morning. Our thoughts are with you California.

"Cloudy and sunny at the same time?

The National Weather Service reports that the extreme haze over the metro area today is not from clouds but is smoke from the fires in Southern California that has drifted our way.

The haze wasn't enough to dim the sun, but it was enough to obscure views of the mountains, even of some distant buildings.

According to satellite images from the Boulder-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, smoke from the fires has been carried by southwest winds as far east as Wichita and as far north as Boise, Idaho.

"There's a big, high-pressure system over us, which is stable and stagnant, allowing the smoke to hang around here," said Weather Service meteorologist Jim Kalina. "The fires are only about 60 percent contained, so this could stay with us for several days."

Forecasts for later in the week call for winds out of the north, which could blow much of the smoke away.

Temperatures from the high-pressure system will remain in the 70s into Wednesday. Colder weather with some moisture is predicted for the end of the week. "


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