Wednesday, January 02, 2008

kimya dawson's music is the soul of "Juno"

Just got back from a screening of Juno and I was quite pleased to hear Kimya Dawson's music as the soundtrack to the film.

Her soft anti folk was a delightful accompaniment to the movie, and the fact that she recently had a babe only added to my enjoyment. Going in I was afraid they only used her song for the trailer, but a good 5-6 songs are featured in various states.

Aside from the music, I thought the film was brilliantly acted and had a great script. I was genuinely touched at the end of the film and glad that I did not know to much going in. The direction was nothing to write home about but I was thoroughly entertained and I feel like this movie will compete for attention come award season.

her myspace

For more go to Luke's as he has blogged her before and has a massive year end post up for your entertainment.

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