Sunday, February 25, 2007


Last night UNC's Club Hockey team beat the Nebraska Corn Huskers at home 8-4 to complete their dream of a perfect season.

While the game was close through out the first two periods, the bears evened the tally at 4 in the third and the huskers went on to lose after a monumental meltdown including their goalie bum rushing one of our players after a still not sure what that was about...

Any ways our campus is pretty psyched and our team is heading to nationals this week as one of the number one seeds over all.

Good Luck guys, i know you will be great.

I also want to thankDana Miller, Matt Hicks, Chris Lane, Matt DeHarte, Maria Wilcox and all the others kids that came with me to scream their hearts out. I love you guys and i cant wait to do it again next year!

For What It's Worth.mp3-Buffalo Spring Field
Encore.mp3 -Jay-Z
Give It All.mp3-Rise against

Photo curtosy of

Brandon Iwamoto

Check his stuff out, he has a lot of skill with that camera


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