Sunday, February 11, 2007

"I couldn't wait for the summer and the warped tour..."

Well its February, you all know what that means...Warped tour is A LONG WAYS AWAY!


Actually its not all that far away and bands are being added all the time. So, I thought i would give you the list of who we got so far (and who im going to see out of that) and who i think will be added and who should be added. plus some songs from my fav warped acts....

Currently on Warped Tour 2007 (all on this list will be at the tour at some point, go find out for your self the exactdates because all i care about is the Denver dates. Ones in bold are what i plan on seeing)

Spill Canvas, Boys Like Girls, The Vandals, Pepper, Bayside, Pennywise, Meg And Dia, The Unseen, Escape The Fate, The Matches, Coheed and Cambria, Bad Religion, Paramore, Cute Is What We Aim For, Tiger Army, The Almost, Gallows, Big D And The Kids Table, K-os, The Fabulous Rudies, New Found Glory, UnderOath, Agent Orange (even though they wont be in Denver)

If they arnt highlighted its not because i hate them, it could be i have seen them or that they are not playing in the mile high city. Either way don't say WTF cuz that will make me mad.

Bands I think Will be Added

Fall Out Boy- They rocked the tour a few years ago and i think the only hold up this time is how much money they get. After all they really dont need the warped tour, they could pull a panic! at the dico and do their own tour.

Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship- Gym class may not make it because they have been on the tour for the last two years, then again if they keep drawing huge crowds why not add them. Gabe, from Cobra Starship is no stranger to the tour (he played it a few times with Midtown) but i think the major set back to them or any other Fueled By Ramen band getting added is that their label may already be over represented with Paramore and Cute is What We aim For. It is after all...a punk show.

Fear Before The March Of Flames- They are due back on the tour and with their new album getting some rave reviews there couldn't be a better time. If they are added it will be a mid level stage/major for their Denver dates.

My Chemical Romance- Another warped Alumni that is due back, while they could probably play their own tour, they will be getting off a co-headlining with Rise Against and i think they may want to get a headline spot in.

Anti-Flag-when i say Anti-flag what i mean is another big punk band. Looking at the list i dont see many true blue punk acts. We all know that Bad Religion isnt enough to bring out the real crowds so im thinking they will bring on some real names her pretty quick. If i had to put money i would say it will be from Epitaph because Bad Religion is on tour and their label is sorely underrepresented right now. You cant have a warped tour without a Epitaph contingent can you?


Vagrant darlings and warped vets From Autumn to Ashes just want you to know they still rock, even if their ex lead screamer is gone. check out the new track from them with the drummer doing the screaming. Deth Kult Social Club.mp3

Love Equals Death could be on the tour, after all they were on road recently with NOFX and Tiger army, two bands that have a lot of say. If they arnt on it look for a small tour going club to club this summer. When We Fall.mp3

The Photo Atlas is a Denver band that has been getting a rep by playing with everyone from The Appleseed Cast to Head Automatica and Jack's Mannequin. I think they will get a break and be added to warped. No one would be happier for them then me. Handshake Heart Attack.mp3


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