Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chris Walla

To me Death Cab has always been Chris Walla's band. While Everyone knows Ben is the lead signer and writer, Chris mixes all the albums and plays a roll in nearly every song one way or another.

Few know that there was a time in DCfCs past where Chris Walla wanted an even larger roll in the band. These demands nearly tore the band apart, but in the end it was decided that Ben would be the face of the band. That move worked out well as DCfC hit it big with "Plans" sky rocketing to popularity and enjoying the benefits of a major label for the first time in their life.

With DCfC rising popularity the members are now free to work on their separate side projects and none of those projects excites me more then Chris's Martin Youth Auxiliary.

Started around 1999, most of it has never been properly released but the stuff that he offers on his web site is dam good. To me it sounds more like the Elliott Smith then Death Cab, but that's fine with me. Expect a full solo album march of this year and then back to work on Death Cab.


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