Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quick one for your day

So happy V day everyone and im sorry it's so late. I hope you all found the love of your life and were able to show it to them with a cheep card from Hallmark.

If you go over to PostSecret this week they had a theme on Valentines day, and i thought it was very very interesting. If you haven't bookmarked that site....shame....shame....

This will be my blog for the day because i have a bunch of homework that needs to get done, but if you come back soon i think i will put up some Jim Gaffigan for your listening pleasure. He is one of the best comedians on tour right now, and i think you will find his brand of humor quite funny.

Also, the ratings for lost were down compared to last week. I chalk that up to curious people tuning in to see what it was all about but im told that a less interesting group of characters was featured this week, possibly driving away fickle fans. Either way Lost was still the top show of the night, just a side fact.

Songs that may or may not be about love and a broken heart for V DAY 2007

Somebody Loves You.mp3-By Eels

Hold Me Down.mp3-By Motion City Sound Track

A Walk Through Hell.mp3-By Say Anything

Pachuca Sunrise (Alias Remix).mp3-Originaly done by Minus The Bear


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