Monday, February 26, 2007

The Blonde Redheads

When i saw Interpol ages ago they were precede by a trio consisting of two Italian brothers and one very pretty Asian girl. That band was the Blonde Redheads and they made a type of music i still struggle to describe.

While the music is definitely Indy and has strong ties to Asian culture and music it is often eerie and haunting. I remember thinking at the time that it was surrounding me on all sides.

They have a new album coming out here quick and the new single is floating round the inter-web. So while everyone else is still talking about the Arcade fire set on SNL, why dont you listen to this band for a spell.


In other news the main stream media is just hearing about this "new dangerous trend" called EMO. I love the fact that their info comes from 3 myspace pages and a song that makes fun of being emo, but thats the journalism major coming out in me. Watch the video and tell me you did not laugh your ass off.


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