Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Its Alright Ma...Im only Bleeding

Thursdays are for finding old friends

I'm going to start a new series on Thursday called "Thursdays are for old friends," which will pull out some of the older stuff on my hard drive that you may or may not have. I think it will be fun to reminisce about those good old days.

To kick it off lets talk some Thursday.
Over there is a picture of Geoff Rickly after he accidentally hit him self in the face with the mic at warped tour this summer. Amazingly he continued the show and some lucky fans got his blood on them! How thrilling! Video has been on the net for a while but it was pretty terrible and the camera wasn't watching when he did it...all you can really see is him grabbing a towel. Either way Thursday rocks live, and i would have killed to see that show.

Instead we can all listen to their live Ep Five stories and falling which was recorded at a previous warped tour at the boy's home state of New Jersey. I am going to make the entire EP available for a few reasons, number one: the boys have stated that they hate their old label Victory records and encourage all to avoid buying the album. Number two: at a recent show of theirs Geoff told the crowd to go down load their music "because music comes from the heart, not from the wallet." And Lastly because i do what i want, and if you dont have should.
Jet Black New Year.mp3 -This is the one song you need if you just want to cut to the chace


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