Thursday, February 08, 2007

Zach De La Rocha

I was born with the voice of a riot, a storm Lightening the function,
the form Far from the norm, I won't follow like cattle
I'm more like the catalyst,calm in the mix of battle
Who let the cowboy on the saddle?
He don't know a missile from a gavel
Para terror troopin' flippin' loops of death upon innocent flesh

Zach has always been a hero of mine but he has also been out of the scene recently. After leaving the ever popular Rage Against the Machine, he has become a ghost, working with a few different people including DJ shadow and Saul Williams but mainly staying out of the lime light. There was even a rumour that he was working with an acoustic band and doing folk songs.

Shocking....i know.

Acoustic stuff aside, i have for your listening pleasure a few tracks that Zach has done on his own and with some famous compatriots.
I find his solo work a bit dull, mainly because i miss Rage so much but its nice to hear him spitting fire once again. These tracks are cool, but i just want a full album from him, not just a few tracks that are incoherently linked together.


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