Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hostel 2

The first Hostel is one of the only films to actually make me feel ill while I was watching it.

That's a big statement for number 2 to meet but i had decent hopes going in. And as it happens i wasn't disappointed.

Sure it wasn't the greatest film of all time, but honestly. If you go looking for a re-hash of "Gone With The Wind" you only have your self to blame.
This film keeps the guts but also covers some plot points that Roth missed in his first attempt. Things like the business aspect and the human side of the gore come into play in this one, and I think the movie on the whole is much better for it.

The acting was passable and the story was interesting if a bit of a retake of the old one. But I think it had to be done this way to keep the plot lines coherent. After all, why would the bad guys change their patters with every set of captures right?

Basically if you were interested enough to see the first one, you should go see the second to get the plot a little more filed out. Think of it as an investment.

With this newest film I become more excited for Roth's next work. He shows great progress both thematically and story wise, rather then in the past where he was only concerned with schock value. If he continues on this path horror may have a new leader.



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