Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thank God

NPR got a recording of Ben and crews solo tour. Go stream it or down load it here.

Set list:
To Sing For You (Donovan)
Brand New Colony
Title and registration
Crooked Teeth
We Become Silhouettes
Photo Booth
Movie Script Ending
Passenger Seat
Soul Meets Body
Recycled Air
Farmer Chords
Couches in Alleys (Styrofoam)
Lack of Color
Sound Of Settling
Such Great Heights

*NPR guy talking
Blacking Out the Friction
All Apologies (Nirvana)
I will Fallow You into The Dark

The set list is quite nice, I like him mixing it up. I could not have drawn a better one up, and i am only sorry that i did not get to see it in person. But its weird, because this is not very comparable to the other sets from him I have. Indeed, I have never heard him preform most of these songs solo. The other sets I have were composed of covers and rarities that Death Cab often sets aside. Ahh well...the Nirvana at the end really sells it.

Hopefully someone will get this down and actually break it up cuz the hour long block is not doing it for me right now.
A short but beautiful show as the host says...



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