Monday, May 21, 2007

Sorry Everybody

I forgot how cool this site really is. Though from the looks of it, things have died down since the election. Anyways, I still get quite a laugh looking at some of the things that people write, and it makes me feel good that I am not alone in my disappointment over the last presidential elections.

But what i especially like is the idea behind it. In the FAQ section they specifically say they that this is not a Bush bashing site, but is instead an outlet for global communication.

Lots of fuss is made about the “global village.” The Internet was supposed to make communication between cultures, countries and peoples painless and easy. It was supposed to build bridges. But it doesn't do this automatically; somebody has to reach out. The Internet was supposed to lead to education and understanding. It doesn't. Rarely do people on the Internet apologize. I thought it was high time. The world needs to understand that there are people in America who don't like what our government is doing. And from the mail we're receiving, there are people in the international community who appreciate this.
Also, come on, it's kind of amusing.

If you don't mind a walk down memory lane I suggest you go check it out, it's a nice time waster along the lines of postsecret and there can't be much better to do if you are reading my blog.

In My Country there is problem.mp3-From the movie Borat
Reason.mp3-The Sex Pistols


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