Friday, May 25, 2007

God dam it

The Democrats caved in a gave W a bill with no time lines. I feel like the end of the word is coming soon...I hope it goes quick.

My only solace is, the Dems telling everyone they will have other chances to stick it to him and that this is small in the big picture of things. But I can only think that they had him on the deck, and instead of sending the same bill he vetoed back to him, they gave him a hand up and let the people think he can push congress around. I just cant believe that the wage increases is worth the cost of life we lose daily in Iraq. They should have hounded him, and ended the war right now...its what the people want, and for them to let this one man war continue is criminal.

We voted these people in for change, not to just watch him gear up for a new war with Iran and write him a blank check for Iraq. Now we have to watch a weeks worth of coverage as the Republicans lay in to the Dem's presidential candidates for their votes against the thing.

Come on Apocalypse.mp3-Patton Oswaltt

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