Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursdays are for finding old friends: Pedro the Lion

The Seattle scene kicks your scene's ass.

no...really they do.
Think about the great names coming out of there and the surrounding states/areas in recent years:Death Cab, Thermals, Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, Wolf Parade, Blood Brothers, Modest Mouse, and Pedro the Lion.

Out of those bands and the merrid of others, Pedro the Lion has had the weirdest effect on my me. Something about the haunting voice of David and the double meanings of his words drew me right in to their work. And the fact that some of my friends considered them a religious band...made them all the more entertaining.

Few artists are able to do that to me. And fewer still leave me wanting more. While they do have religious undertones, it is more about the struggle Bazan faces when he truly considers his religion and what it means to everything else in his life. Some how it is both hopeful and bleak.

One of my favorite releases is the tour EP which contains some pretty chill covers. Im going to let you guys get that all right here.
Political Science.mp3 - Randy Newman Cover
Metal Heart.mp3 - Cat Power
Let Down.mp3 - Radio Head
For fans of Death Cab, Heavens, and Modest Mouse

If that isnt enough you David is going out on tour after he finished up with Ben Gibbard. This will conincide with his new solo deal, which sounds pretty chill. On top of that his solo EP is going to be re-done and passed out widly, for all to enjoy. I need me some of that...


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Baltimore Scene kicks all our asses

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