Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Linkin park steals shit

The new Linkin Park video is a complete rip off of 3 bands in my opinion. It takes heavily from a few Incubus videos, Taking back Sunday's "Make Damn Sure", and "Ready to Fall" by Rise against. Watch those 3 videos and tell me you don't see any similarity's both in editing and content.

On top of this minor rip off, they put out and album that sounds nothing like their last stuff. Now im all for change in sound, but when you make your self sound like a Incubus knockoff just because you see "Anne Molly" blowin up on the charts....I feel like I can call you in no uncertain terms...a sell out. Not that there was much to sell out in the first place.

Avoid this band like the plague they are, unless you want to find your self at show full of preps and jocks looking to mosh.

Sea Wolf has a video now, and he actually has an EP for sale now. You guys should go support him so that he can actually get out and tour the world. His music is to great to keep to your self. Praying for a Denver date!

I'm going to see the Horrors with fellow Blogger Luke , expect a review of that show when it goes down. I'm sure it will be nuts.

And by the way...are we the only 20 something Indy bloggers in Denver? I feel like we are the only ones....which is cool...but i need more friends....y'all should get on that


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