Thursday, April 19, 2007

Top 5 bands that are "Cool" live

I have seen many bands that have a undeniable sense of cool around them. That something that makes it nearly impossible to take your eyes off them when they are on the stage. In a very forgettable blog entry for most I will now list my top 5 and you will check your bookmarks for a much more interesting page. But its going to be fun for me, so i don't care.

5.The Cold War Kids-Watched them light up the Larimer Lounge while on tour with Tapes 'n Tapes. I feel like I haven't seen a band that energetic and fun in a long time. I walked out of there wanting more and feeling very re-assured that blues was still alive.

4.The Kings of Leon-Caught their show right as Shake-Heartbreak was getting some air play and it was nuts. The highlight of the show was the conclusion of the main set, when Caleb hit his last note and bitch slaped the mic to the stage showering picks into the air....sooooo bad ass.
The Bucket.mp3

3.Greenday-Granted It was at the Pepsi center (not the most punk venue) but it was still a very rockin set. The crowd was into it and the bad ass factor was high as Billy Joe screamed "you parents picked the wrong F*)Ckin night to bring your kids to the show! ITS ALL COMING the F&(&C DOWN!" man that, I knew then that me and him could be best friends.
My Generation (The Who).mp3

2.The Strokes- The band that literally defined cool for me. Seeing them was the culmination of my high school obsession which reached unhealthy heights. Casablancas was completely wasted and yet it didn't matter, it only added to my experience. And they played a Ramones cover, talk about heaven on earth.

1.Interpol-Dear god,
Thank you for making one of my first shows this good. I don't know if it was the lights or the stage presence, but either way I can still recount every second of that show. From Paul sticking his cigarette into his guitar strings between songs, to Carlos D's outlandish uniform and antics. The picture at the top doesn't do it justice, you just have to go to one of their shows to bask in their glory.


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