Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Box car Racer. Or the story of the other blink side project

Haven't posted in a loooooong time so I'm going to throw this one out there and promise that Thursday will be a really fun throw back. OK?

Box Car Racer was the original side project that told us all the end may be near for our beloved blink. Either way, I tend to like this album more then the other spin offs, it reminds me of a darker racy-er Blink and I like that in a band.

Tom said that their influences come from Fugazi and other post punk giants and I can totally feel that. Travis is perfect on the drums per the usual and guest appearances from Tim Armstrong make this a pretty dam good album. While it is only 12 tracks long it does give you a feeling of what Tom could do on his own, if he wasn't hindered by that voice of his....

But alas this was to be the only one they would ever do, with Tom stating that the band had served its purpose and he was putting it into hiatus. It was long after that,around 3 years, when we started to see blink fall apart.

If you like blink, rites of spring or the dark side of pop punk hit these tunes up.


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Haha, I'll see what I can do about getting it recorded, I'm not sure how city hall is about recording

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