Wednesday, May 02, 2007

RATM came back...incase you didnt know....

Rage hit southern L.A like they had never left last weekend and if you werent one of the lucky ~60,000 you have been waiting all week for some quality media to come at you.

Good news, the good stuff is being uploaded as we speek.

Go type Rage Against the Machine into Youtube and watch the videos flow in. There are over 300 with all diffrent shots and all diffrent sound qualitys. Some quality videos out there, if you are willing to wade through them.

Do the same thing for images and watch some pictures of Zach screaming into the mic.

Or best of all...go to and get your hands on the first six songs live from coachella. Yeah...they have that shit. Recorded from 100 yards away so the sound is alright, it's a great find except for their random convos from time to time.

Rage still sounds pissed, but I feel like the timming was slightly off at first (chaulk it up to nerves). Set list is a nice cross section, but where is "How i could just kill a man"? Thats the only thing they needed. We all knew they were going to do bulls and such but i like the wake up addition with the speech in the middle. That was made especialy intresting because apparently they didnt talk to much durring the set.

Apparently their is talk of a new album and a full out tour! oooohhh snap! Ill keep you updated, get the music.

"They dont gota burn the books, they just remove them"

Set list for the show(with the copys I got from for download)
Bullet In The Head
Down Rodeo
Guerrilla Radio
Renegades Of Funk--->Is this the only time they ever played this song live?
Calm Like A Bomb
Sleep Now In The Fire
Killing In The Name



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