Monday, April 16, 2007

The Axe That Chopped The Cheery Tree

The Axe That Chopped the Cherry Tree is a phenomenon to my campus. I go to a school that is located on the final frontier of the west and is not all the great for finding the music that could be considered cutting edge. Despite this, The Axe happened and for one reason or another it clicked with what little scene we had here.

I was first drawn to them because of the art work , which is like nothing else I have ever seen. But what kept me around was the power and skill that guys this young should not posses. The granted comparisons between UnderOath, Fear Before and Mars Volta all come to mind, but in some ways that is not the best way to go about describing them. I think you can only label them as the next wave...a grand evolution from the path the Blood Brothers laid down.

Big shoes for a band that definitely fits adjectives like "young" "fresh" but when your young anything can happen.

Currently they are hitting the road non stop and hoping someone takes notice. I hope they do because it is a rare site to see band that is out there for the music and not the friend count. if they succeed I will be quite impressed and excited for them.

If you are in the zip code come up and see them at the beetle this Saturday. Beats the hell out of suck ass bands like Set Forth, which is apparently the only band worthy of play on this campus according to our programing council.

God i got to get out of here....


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