Sunday, April 15, 2007


Heavens is the Matt Skiba's voice (lead singer for The Alkaline Trio and Josiah Steinbrick's beats. The effect is something similar to Interpol and Joy Division. Something that is quite pleasing to the careful ear and lyrics conscious mind.

We all know the skill Skiba brings to the table but I had never heard of Steinbrick, beauce of that i was a little hesitant. The combination works, with Skiba's wavering voice and Steinbeck's lush chords the combination is slightly unsettling but delightfully deep.

This combination is a step away from Skiba's band and may be an affront to the harder punk fans in his fallowing. But if you are into music like Park, Cursive and Damien Rice I think you will really enjoy this stuff. Plus they are still on Epitaph so you know they have some rock sensibility.

"Patten Pending"- Their new and only album


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