Monday, June 18, 2007

"Well she said, Well she said lets all play dead"

Ladies and swarthy types, may I present you with the first band I found and fallowed religiously.

We all have that band, the one that we know deep down will not survive in this Pop-Rock world, but still we fallow deliriously. The Fever were mine.

I found them when they put their album Red Bedroom and took notice again when I caught their video for Grey Ghost. Both items had a striking effect on my young mind.

Not only were they completely different from most of the things I was listening to, but their CD was...gasp...hard to find! I was astonished and fascinated by the elusive disk and when I finally got it, I played the hell out of it. My only regret is not seeing them when they came on tour with the Hives.

Looking back, they are not the greatest band I have ever heard. But i loved them because of the direction they took me in. The songs from this album still hold a certain something for me, and since they recently broke up I thought a post was in order.

Take the single and another, and tell me if you want more.



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