Tuesday, July 03, 2007

D.A.N.C.E to Our Love to Admire

I am so addicted to Justice right now esspecially the single D.A.N.C.E which has had my toe tapping for the last few days and has racked up quite the play count on my last FM.

My first encounter with these guys was their video which comes down to some pretty teriffic eye candy. The song is really great, but when put with those odd moving T-shirt its nearly impossible to look away.

If you like Daft Punk and feel the need for a Michael Jackson tribute song, I suggest this.

In Other news, the new Interpol album is supurb. And I belive it is better then the new Stripes offering. Although it lacks a bit of originality, there are enough jewles to keep me entertained and I can live with non drastic changes right now. If you are a fan, buy it and see them. They still have it and are one of the best shows out there.
Also, I am going to see Transformers this weekend so be on the look out for a post with that in mind. And the end of the month is going to bring an Axe that Choped The Cherrey Tree show as well as the Silversun Pickups with Sea Wolf so Ill try to get some reviews of that if I can.

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