Monday, March 05, 2007


My friend alerted me to this site married to the sea which is about the funniest thing i have read in the last two weeks.

As far as i can figure out this guy takes old wood carvings and adds other parts and captions to them to make a daily comic, and the humor is so smart and so odd.

Me and my roommate have been quoiting them for a while now and there is a face book group that is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Go hit that up.

Margie's is having a show this Thursday at 6:30 for everyone in the Greeley area, apparently my friends at UNC radio are putting it on, so go out an support that. Ill be in Denver for TBS but im sure it will be a great show.

Hey Jude.mp3 - (live) Tom Jones courtesy of "Ape shall never Kill Ape"


Blogger Lynn Klyde-Silverstein said...

I'm very impressed.

11:13 AM  
Blogger katie? said...

"Don't you sit here reading the paper and ask me for some damn manicotti, grandpa. Put your work in, Don't come back here all "oh my pension. You can eat when you go out and get that paper."

There I hope that comment was everything you thought it would be!!

4:23 PM  

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