Monday, April 09, 2007

Because you are diffrent...and everyone else is boring

I feel in love the the Science of Sleep almost as soon as I watched it. I was looking forward to it a lot and it did not disappointed. If you haven't seen it do so...

One of my favorite parts of the film was the sound track which was beautifully done and really added to the film. When I got it I was even more delighted by the fact that the songs are mixed in with words from the movie its self. As it stands, its an airy soundtrack that is fun to listen to in the background of any gathering.

Even if you are not a big sound track fan I would highly recommend getting this thing. some right now...
Générique Stéphane.mp3
Tours de Cartes.mp3

also Kenny Mayne came back to sports center...and there was much rejoicing in my room.

"Wave your hands in the air like there may not be any repercussions or consequences"


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