Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The Casting Out are the spin off band for Boysetsfire.

That should be enough for you to want to check these guys out, but the added incentive of getting a demo from them for the price of postage and handling should make your little punk hearts tremble.

While there are members of BSF, the sound is in a whole new direction. Its a hell of a lot more melodic and as far as i can tell much less political. Both of which i can live with because of the great potential shown in these four songs. For now think of them as BSF vocals and Elvis Costello/REM rythm....yeah...think about that...

While they are just demos i am very excited to see what this band can do once Boysetsfire completes their last hurrah with a tour in Europe.

If you want a demo send a request to the band.

In other news I got my power cord for my computer so I can start posting from home and with my music collection. I hope that wasn't to long of a delay for the 20 visitors I get a day.

If you have time you should read this. For those of you not paying attention, the first guilty plea ever was submitted in Guantanamo Bay recently and the Bush administration is using it justify the base's continued operations. As always I plead with you readers to write to your congressman and tell them how upset you are with the conditions and policy's of the camp. This is not a partisan issue, its a human rights and civil liberties issue for all of democracy to consider.


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