Tuesday, March 13, 2007

she said... Ba bap baa ababbbbaaaddaaa

Just finished a guest blog at Luke's page some to love music and i think it turned out pretty cool. So if you want new material past this you better get over there.

Here is a few things for you:

Cursive (pictured left) will be on tour with Against me! and Mastodon come this spring. Thats going to be an interesting show. I may go just to see who shows up.

i guess im floating has Ted Leo covering Curtis Mayfield among other things. Though I'm sure you guys check that site daily. Either way Ted Leo is hitting the road, and I'm told soda Jerk will be bringing him to Denver.

Ironically this video owns my life right now. I may head to TRL to vote for them (j/k), but seriously this is good stuff. The best part is this is like version three of Jet and Franz Ferdinan, i wounder what number 4 will be like?

Spring break is coming up on Friday for me, ill be going home so i don't expect a large break in the blog. Stay tuned for a full write up of something after Wednesday i think.

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Blogger Luke Hunter said...

jerk-ass. It's "Someone To Love More Than Music.sa"

9:54 PM  

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