Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guest Blogger: Luke Hunter. Title of Blog: This Lover Calms the Darkness

My name is Luke Hunter, I have a blog called Someone To Love More Than Music, and love me some Indie-Folk. Top 9: The Mountain Goats, Thao Nguyen, Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, Langhorne Slim, Paleo, Anathallo, Pee-Pee, Porlolo. Paleo, however is climbing the charts of my heart-strings at an alarming rate.

Paleo is quite the amazing man, if ya didn't know. He's taken up quite the task too. Paleo, my friends, decided to write a song everyday for a year, from easter to tax day. Quite the journey.

Anyone can just write a song a day, but, in my opinion, it takes a real musician/artist to make something of any amount of worth. What I find even more fascinating is that he is doing it completely for himself, meaning that, at this point, he has no plans to make money off of these songs (other than performing them). What this ultimately means is that our man Paleo has hosted every song he has done so far free of charge, and "if there's no post on a particular day, [he's] probably just searching for a connection (just like everybody else). " (from Paleo's site)

Here is are a few that I really enjoy:

Paleo - 20060419 (This Lover)

Paleo - 20060616 (The Bees & The Birds)
Paleo - 20060710 (For a Woman I've Never Met On her Birthday)

Paleo - 20060719 (This Just In)
Paleo - 20060721 (Exploring Drains)
Paleo - 20060724 (Bloodless War)
Paleo - 20060725 (Wide Open)
Paleo - 20060803 (Animals
Animals Animals)
Paleo - 20060804 (When Money Talks)
Paleo - 20060814 (Love Song For Liza)
Paleo - 20060916 (The Dead of Summer)
Paleo - 20060926 (Years Young)
Paleo - 20061020 (Birdshade)
Paleo - 20061024 (Lets Just Drive Until The Wheels Catch Fire)
Paleo - 20061026 (A Heart For Her Return)
Paleo - 20061027 (Over & Gone)

Paleo - 20061031 (The Golden Diamond)
Paleo - 20061104 (The Nevered Mind)
Paleo - 20061202 (The Aristocrats) [This actually is a variation of the old joke]
Paleo - 20061226 (Louder Than Words)
Paleo - 20060227 (Hey Is For Horses)
Paleo - 20070307 (O Adi Da)

This man is coming to a small venue near you, so see him, and encourage him :). If you didn't all ready know about him, go to his site, download all his songs, and pretend like you knew all the while.

If you just want to hit a random tune , click here (it's a random Paleo song generator)

-Luke Hunter (feel free to visit me)


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