Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursdays are For Finding old Friends

American Hi-Fi can probably be put in that ever growing pile of "bands that were fun during the summer, but got old real quick once the main stream media played it 3 times a day every day." That being said, when i found my roomate's copy i was giddy to hear it again.

I think they did some of their best work on this album. Everyone knows the single "Flavor of the Weak" but almost every song on this album is quite entertaining and it really is sad that they could never get over that first hit. On the one hand its nice to be able to say you had that moment of fame but you have to keep that stuff going. As it stands they are one of my favorite one hit wonders.

American Hi-Fi released two more albums after this one but neither had any success and no song from their last release in 2005 even made it to the charts. They were last seen on the superman sound track but there is not much past that. Currently the members are working on separate side projects but there is a rumor that a new album is in the works but that was supposed to happen back in 2006, so read into that however you want.
Personally I would love to hear some new stuff...


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