Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just for the record the weather today..slightly sarcastic...

My parents are planning on moving to Ft. Collins in a while and they took me to look at some houses today. As it turns out it was quite boring...except for a few street signs I found.

Apparently the developers get to pick what the streets in the neighborhoods are going to be called and they take this as a chance to show their inner creativity.

This one, featured at left, was probably my fav. because it was obvious he had no clue it could be read "Stop Bush." I laughed about this one for like 10 mins and got more then a few odd looks as I posed, EMO style, for the picture, I think it turned out rather well. I kid you not, the streets ran "Wine cup", "Third", "Regan boulevard" and "Bush ave." How can anyone look at that road map and be like, "well, i think my work here is done"?

The next sub-section was even funnier, apparently this developer had a "thing" for Indians. Every street was named for something from that culture...only it wasn't "stone red court" or something... to my horror the first one i saw was "Fire Water way" fallowed quickly by "Ambush st."

I sat in the car and thought about how wrong that was and how i hoped it was only one social gaff. The whole time expecting to see "Peace Pipe Ct" and "Red man's Sorrow" on the next corner. As i turns out they got a little better but I thought "Custer Blv." was a bit out of place.
Then again...i where this T-shirt to school all the time who am i to judge...
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