Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So now its over and i feel out of touch, but now i wont complain...

Found this sign and felt it was funny, but my friends didn't. Am i just weird....or....

Anyways lets talk about a band called Eight Fingers Down. I mentioned them ages ago and they are still one of my favorite bands of the last couple months.

You would best recall them as the band with the lead singer that proposed to his girlfriend on the main stage of warped tour this last summer, though I humbly suggest you now think of them as the new standard barres of SoCal skater punk.

The best way to describe them is California punk in the vain of NOFX, No Use For a Name and Blink in the 90s. The only difference here is they are just a young band playing to 12 kids at a time on any given night, trying to break out the grass roots way. They seem determined to climb to the top and make them selves known and i think they may well be on their way. The guitars are spot on and vocals bring me back to a less polished time in punk rock, when the voice wasn't the point...the words were. All of that gives me a warm and fuzzy about their future

If you like your punk quick and vaguely poppy i highly recommend these guys and if they come anywhere near you get to a show, I hear they are great live.

More Mp3 and info at http://www.myspace.com/eightfingersdown


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