Monday, March 12, 2007 drench the world all in gasoline, and then when you light the match you realize that this story's not a dream

The Arms of Orion are not well known...and im sure they accept that. For now that's alright, but I'm pretty sure these guys could be the next big thing. They have all the ingredients: a catchy guitar rift, interesting and deep lyrics and a pretty cool image.

I heard about them recently when they intentionally leaked their new album "The Book Wa So Much Better" on their myspace. On top of all that most of the tracks are available for download through their purevolume account. That's a pretty sick and smart move for such a low key band. In my book that made them worth a listen, and I was very happy i did.

In some ways they remind me of a less polished but far more poppy version of Armor for sleep and an offshoot of some of the older Fall out Boy material. Even the vocals are distinct in their own way as the singer is not always smooth, but somehow manages to hit all the right notes and convey a sense of urgency. My favorite track is "Your Favorite One", which was a nice change up to tall the Taking Back Sunday i was listening to, and a welcome accompaniment to the warm weather we are getting out here. I could honestly see these guys on Drive Through or maybe even Vagrant in a few years.

All in all its insanely catchy and very definitely a summer time band at heart. If you are a fan of Mae, Fall out Boy or even Park this band could really be good for you. Especially if you are over the same generic pop stuff over and over...

Head to their myspace page to check out the album or to pick up a single, and see these guys soon. I know i will if they ever get my way.
Tour Dates
Mar 15 2007
west chester, Pennsylvania
Mar 21 2007
NorthStar Bar
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 24 2007
QVCC w/ A Loss For Words
Worcester, Massachusetts
Apr 1 2007
williamstown, New Jersey
Apr 19 2007
Maryland/VA w/Capitol Risk
book this, Maine
Apr 20 2007
North or South Carolina.. W/ Capitol Risk
book this, South Carolina
Apr 21 2007
Georgia w/Capitol Risk
book this, Georgia
Apr 22 2007
VA Beach/Delaware w/ Capitol Risk
book this, Delaware
May 10 2007
*acoustic set* The Living Room
Providence, Rhode Island
May 11 2007
*acoustic set* Norwood American Legion Hall
Norwood, Massachusetts


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