Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gym Class Heroes old school

This ain't a song for the kids like our last album

I first heard about Gym Class from a friend who saw them open up for Fall Out Boy about 2 years ago. That was long before their new album "As Cruel as School Children" fact their album "The Paper Cut Chronicles" was just starting to get big and the band was quietly changing the way kids thought about hip hop.

When I finally saw them at warped tour for the first time I was struck by their friendliness and enthusiasm for the music. Travis, the bands lead singer, was all motion all the time and the band seemed genuinly suprised at the small gathering that fallowed them over. As a special bonus Patrick Stump came and sang with them for one song, which was quite cool. The best part of the day was hanging out with them at their tent and taking pictures and having them signing things, they were happy to stay there till the last fan went home. Over the next few times I saw them the shows were getting bigger and the band was getting more talented. The culmination of this rise was hearing them on the local Clear Channel radio station today.

Here at Karma spares no one we like to keep people informed about what bands did in the past as well as their upcoming projects. In the spirit of this promise I give you....


Bernie Allen was the first version of Gym Class, It features far more rapping and less harmonization then the casual fan is familiar with and is quite a bit harsher. Its interesting to see how Travis evolved as an MC from a guy who definitely had fire to a guy who learned how to turn a phrase with a cute wink for the girls.
Eighty-Five.mp3 (More free ones at their myspace)

For the Kids was a self produced album from Gym Class and it features a pretty different lineup from what you can see today. In fact many of the songs off the album have a rough feel to it, but you can start to see how this band might develop if they had a budget and some time. For now its an "interesting" effort and a landmark in the bands history.
The Midnight Society is, guitarist, Disashi's side project where he did all the music and singing on his own. The EP was sold for 3 bucks at shows but soon the demand became to high and he realized he may have something on his hands. While there are no plans right now, I would imagine a release on Decaydance will happen soon. He still has the gym class sound, but its an all together different take.

Bonus rare mp3 from the Paper Cut EP--The Boomerang Theory.mp3


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