Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This never gets old

Or fearless leader called the dems out today . I don't know what his logic is but surprise surprise he is without fault. I don't know how he can blame the lack of funds on congress when he is the one who sent more troops against the public's will to an unpopular war.

If he wanted all this funding he should have asked for it before he sent those troops over there, instead of acting shocked and pointing fingers when the dems asked questions and took their time. Honestly he thinks he has a dictatorship, did he go to school at anytime?

Im pretty sure he is going to have to blink first on this one though, if the dems give him a budget of any sort the blame is out of their hands. A veto after that kind of goes against his professed bipartisan-ism at all costs.

I love that it can never be his fault, and that the republicans are flailing around for things the dems are doing wrong. I especially love the part about congress going on break. For some reason its ok for him to take more vacation days then any other president ever, but when congress takes a week break they are "leaving when there is work to be done."

I got The Almost's album today. I could have picked it up earlier from a web site but I restrained my self. It's pretty dam good if i do say so. Something like UnderOath gone main stream pop, it also features guest work from the former lead singer of Sunny Day Real Estate, if you haven't listened yet head out and get that. The album is also a historic occasion because it is the first time Tooth and Nail Records has worked with a major Label (Virgin) to put the album out. Could be the first step in a big move for them.


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