Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is how we know!...

I went and saw The Thermals over break and it was every bit as exciting as i had hoped.

My friend and fellow Denver blogger Luke took me to the show on a lark, and even though i was far more familiar with the local acts Hot IQs and Lion Sized I was looking forward to hearing Sub Pop's latest darling.

Both Lion Sized and Hot IQs played decent sets, and had a lot of energy. My only down side to these bands was the lack of enthusiasm they were able to get out of the crowd. For two highly touted dance bands, the crowd was surprisingly still, though it did pick up at the end of the IQs set. Go get the IQs new EP here.

The Thermals took a hell of a long time to get on stage and the lead singer seemed a bit out of sorts for the first few songs but soon got his act together (with the help of a few beers he killed quite quick i might add).

The music was fast, furious and quite witty. Through most of the show I was reminded of Johnny Rotten and other punk greats by the lead singer. The rest of the band was there but all eyes were on him and his wildly gesturing hands, I know I was captivated. In fact I think every person in there was danceing and thats sayin something since there was about 150 people there. The music its self was hard to describe but i would put it somewhere between Ted Leo, The Strokes and the Sex Pistols. So if you like your punk like my shoes (indy) then I think you may like them.

The set stretched over the 50 min mark which was nice, but after a while all the songs sounded about the same to me. Though that may have been because my ears were hurting by that point. All in all it was a great set, at an interesting venue and the fact that all three bands impressed me made it all the better.

A Pillar Of Salt.mp3 -one of their better numbers and its free at their myspace
Video action
Buy something from them and their awesome record label.



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