Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursdays (or in this case) Fridays are for finding old friends

Oh well, I love you, gal
Yes, I love you Peggy Sue

Buddy Holly not only influenced a generation of teen'ie bopers but he has also become a cultural reference point for many of the EMO fore runners, namely Rivers Cuomo who immortalized him in one of the most popular Weezer songs of all time.

The early story telling aspect and catchy rhythms are what put Buddy on the map and to this day there are few in the business as skilled over all as he was. His horned rimmed glasses are still popular and can be seen in most coffee shops across America.

Unfortunately he was taken from us to early and we are left with a career that while brilliant was significantly shortened. If you for some reason haven't heard of him before you really need to get out there and listen to his stuff.

Peggy Sue.mp3


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