Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursdays are for finding old friends

You always come close but this never comes easy

TBS has always been one of my favorite bands, and ill never forget how I got that first album of theirs. I, and all my naivete, had heard about a band that was supposed to change the world with their new album "Tell all your Friends." This new band was loud, fast and had a crazy lead singer that everyone and their mom was talking about.

I went and bought the album and i have to be honest...i didn't get it at first. It was my first experience with EMO and i was still to immature to really get what they were talking about. But as it would happen i kept listening to it and was drawn in by interchange of Vocals...when i hit high all clicked.

Tonight I head to Denver to see them for the first time, with Armor for sleep and UnderOath and I'm pretty thrilled about it. In fact all the cool kids at my school are headed that way, so I'm sure there will be an after party of some sort.

Only down side is the test in media planning on Friday...that's lame sauce...guess i will worry bout that later.

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