Friday, March 09, 2007

"That girl over there just yelled 'Kidnap me'...sorry we cant cuz then i would have to write a clever ransom note, and that could take weeks"

TBS was great last night, despite the crowd being a mixed crew. There were straight edgers, metal heads, preppy chicks and most importantly of

Armor for sleep (pictured at left) started the night and managed to stretch all 4 of their singles a B side and a new song into a 1/2 hour of playing. While it was bit drawn out at the end i though they played a nice set for a band that hasn't been in the studio since 2005. I'm looking forward to the new material that should be coming out at the end of this tour.

UnderOath on the other hand killed as expected. I had seen them twice before and was still unable to describe the experience to my friends pre show...something about the combination of energy and showmanship makes it one of the best shows i have ever seen. They took the stage in dramatic fashion and went right to it, playing like they were the headliners. Aaron Gillespie and crew hit hard with "In Regards to my Self" and continued on with a set that clocked in around the hour 15 mark. It was an interesting set from them, as they did not do any of their "singles" or very old material, but the set was instead populated by B sides and new favorites. All in all i was contented and got a sick shirt to commemorate my first indoor experience with them.

Taking Back took the stage in a pretty timely fashion and were as thrilling as i had hoped. I had heard many storys about Lazzara's antics on stage, and none of this was over hyped. He is incomplete control of crowd from beginning to end and with every move I was reminded of a young Mick Jagger. Although the best line he had all night was when a fan asked him to kidnap her...hence the title of the post. Classic stuff, if he really talks like that i want to be his friend desperately....

My only knock on their set was the lack of "Tell all Your Friends" material. I understand that two of the members from that group are gone now, but did you really have to cut out "their is no I in team" and ""Timeberwolves at new Jersey"? I was happy with it none the less and it was a good show over all, i just wish i had seen the original line up back in the day...ah well...

you're so last summer.mp3


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